A behind the scenes look at the most recent capture of the world’s most notorious drug lord with exclusive details from Mexico’s leading journalist

Inside the Operation that Caught El Chapo: Capturing El Chapo Part 2

According to authorities, El Chapo’s insatiable need for satellite tv, that night’s Chinese food and taco delivery and his 13 visitors tipped off authorities to his whereabouts. We take you to the raid into El Chapo’s hideout that would eventually lead authorities to his capture.

Deep inside El Chapo’s secret tunnels | Capturing El Chapo Part 3

Fusion takes you deep underground into the tunnel El Chapo used to escape.

What happens next for Mexico? | Capturing El Chapo Part 4

While El Chapo’s arrest gave some breathing room to Mexico’s government, the capture of the country’s Osama bin Laden will probably do little to end the violence and chaos.


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