Hoods of Dallas Texas

South Dallas is an area in Dallas, Texas. It is south of Downtown Dallas, bordered by Trinity River on the west, Interstate 30 on the north, and the Great Trinity Forest to the south and east. In recent years the City of Dallas and organizations including Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together Dallas have begun revitalizing the area in an effort to make the area more attractive to homeowners and foster economic development. The following neighborhoods are generally considered part of or closely connected with South Dallas; however, some of them may not be located entirely within South Dallas or may be considered parts of South Dallas by some and not others. Some are official subdivisions and some have been named by neighborhood associations.
  • Wheatley Place
  • Bonton
  • Dixon Circle
  • Dolphin Heights
  • Dunn Park
  • Frazier Court
  • Jubilee Park, Dallas|Jubilee Park
  • Owenwood
  • Queen City, Texas|Queen City
  • Rose Garden, Texas|Rose Garden
  • St. Phillips
  • South Boulevard & Park Row Historic District
  • Turner Courts


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