Enslavement to Emancipation


A TV-16 special presentation. Tune in for this unprecedented television event tracing freedom’s first steps in the Nation’s Capital. “Enslavement to Emancipation” is an informative and compelling television documentary chronicling the history of the Compensated Emancipation Act of April 16, 1862, freeing the enslaved people of Washington, DC. Featured historians and experts describe the creation and history of the city’s annual Emancipation Day celebration and our continuing struggle for full democracy in DC.

The documentary also highlights the single largest attempted slave escape in U.S. history — the daring and dramatic bid for freedom aboard a schooner called the Pearl.

“Enslavement to Emancipation” recounts the heroic war-time contributions of what was then called the U.S. First Colored Troops, African American slaves-turned-soldiers fighting for the Union during the Civil War. These are just a few of the historic events detailed in this special television production presented only on TV-16.


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