Breaking The Curse Documentary: Lifting Black Men of South Dallas


THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC CONTENT AND LANGUAGE: The name of this documentary is Breaking The Curse: Lifting Black Men In South Dallas. It describes some challenges black men face in South Dallas, TX, the notorious 75210 and 75215 zip codes. Many black men in South Dallas are broken and struggle to survive the daily grind of inner-city life.

They deal with a barrage of issues such as unemployment, violence, police brutality, poverty, felony records, homelessness, poor education, and much more. In this documentary, some of these men in their own words discuss and share how they are breaking these curses. Also, we included interviews with three notable South Dallas professionals who are making a difference.

First, there’s Judge and Pastor Mark Murrell of the City of Dallas who is a South Dallas native. Second, we interviewed Rev. Todd Atkins, the prolific pastor of Salem Institutional Baptist Church. Third, we talked with Tracie Washington, the dynamic principal of Billy Earl Dade Middle School. We hope this documentary inspires and motivates all stakeholders in South Dallas to take urgent action to lift black men in South Dallas.

To understand what our church, Saltmakers Church, is doing to transform South Dallas, please visit our website at


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