Connect Tha T.H.O.T. s (FEATURE FILM)


This is an urban romantic comedy. This is a full-length feature film shot on location in Dallas, TX. It’s the story of a group of friends who experience chaotic issues all of a sudden. They can’t make sense of it all until they connect tha “thots”.

A group of guys who grew up as childhood friends, coincidentally start individually experiencing various types of problems and turmoil all of a sudden. Nothing makes any sense until they start trying to connect the “t.h.o.t.s” [ urban slang currently meaning “that/them  ho/hoes over there”]. In doing so, they uncover the common enemy and try to rectify all wrongs.

Bon-Ton Entertainment in this bitch!…/……

The MOVIE…/Various-Art……https://connectthathotssoundtrac.hear……

The SoundTrack


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